Daniel Turner

2016 RACE

Is anyone else totally head-over-heels excited about the 16 months of American politics for the presidential race? It’s so awesome! Appeals to the “folks” and blidn patriotism! Personal attacks! Anti-science nonsense! Sickening jingoism! Yesterday I head Bobby Jindal knock the metric system because it would make America “more like Europe.” As if changing to an easier, more sane system of measures that the rest of the developed world already uses is somehow “European,” or better yet for Republicans, “un-American.” This is the type of junk we can expect to hear about for months and months on end.

Let it begin! The only good thing I can see is that the race coincides with my release date. So finally, after all these years, I have something to be excited about, and it definitely isn’t the results of the presidential race.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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