Ian Strawn

hello out there

Im doing good today i am in kinda a bad mood but i think the only way to turn it around is to write in this blog .it has been a minute and i have had a devistating loss in my family but i have regained my composure and i want to say that dealing with loss in prison is hard we can not run to the aid of our loved ones because we put our selves in this situtions because of our actions . so i have been doing a lot of soul searching in order to find a remedy to not come back and the remedy is to hold myself accountable and the seccond i think about negative is the seccond i start to loos myself and it is what will lead me back to prison . i am back in prison for a seccond time i had a sure fire plan the first time but i was not positive . i think that writing in this blog is a positive it helps me turn the page and not stay negative . i think a lot in here and i want to open my own corperation i want to have a tow company and a auto mechanic shop and get a dealers licens . that is one of my ventures . i can tattoo i have been tattooing for quite some years but its not what i want to do i want to be the boss well if any one has input on this please reach me i could use any info you have on this typ of buisness . thanks for your time.

Ian Strawn
DOC # 883484

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