Daniel Turner


Religion is usually the end of rational thought. Take, for example, how people choose their religion. A rational approach would be to examine the world’s many religions, look for evidence, and settle on the one that provided that evidence. But how many people do this? How many even put a serious amount of critical thought into their religion? Very few. All across the world the number one indicator of one’s religion is: the religion of one’s parents. It’s over 90%. If you were born in Saudi Arabia, chances are overwhelming that you would be a Muslim. Northern Ireland, a Catholic. Israel, a Jew. And so on. All ideas should be challenged, particularly very powerful ones like religion. Unfortunately, it seems that far too often, people leave the heavy lifting of serious thought to some authority figure or their environment, and go on blithely with their lives. This is not rational thinking.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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  1. Insightful yet I have come to worship my God based on this supernatural connection that I believe I have with thee. I’m not mad at you though. Very thoughtful.


  2. So Dan,
    What do you consider to be the deepest and weightiest thoughts you can think that mankind needs answers too?
    BTW, my family was not religious at all. I alone claim Christ, (though I wish it were not so.)


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