Happy Birthday Pops

Today is my father’s birthday , so I tried to call him earlier . The phone rung about four times before I realized that I was calling his old # . My father died August 21st , 2014 , a day before my birthday , but I woke up with my pops on my mind today and I wanted to talk to him . When I realized what I had done I hung up and called my sister Shay . We laughed about it for a second , but we push forward with our call . I remember a few years back I told my pops that I have my momma , Shay , and my Granny’s name tattooed on me . So he asked me when was I going to get his name ? I told him I would never get his name on me . He asked why not ? I told him cause you’re a man . Well , I got a very nice memorial piece done for him right after he passed , and it includes his portrait . It’s pretty much takes up the upper portion of my chest and shoulders . Now y’all might be thinking I said I would ever get his name on me , and the funny thing is his name still not on me . I know he only smiled at me when he seen that I got him a memorial piece without getting his name . I really miss my guy . I was really looking forward to getting out and hangin out with him on some grown man business since I was still a kid when I left . With that being said , I’ll leave y’all with this : My father was a good man . He wasn’t a saint by far , but he was good . He was loyal . Some women would disagree , but I said loyal not faithful . He would ride with you ’till the wheels fell off , and if the wheels falling of didn’t stop the movement he would keep riding . He didn’t take no sh!t from nobody ! Man , woman , or child ! He loved his children to death , and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for us . He was loved by many , hated by few . He was one of my heros . Happy Birthday Pops . I Love & Miss You WAXMAN ! COOOOOOOL WEEEEE !!!!! COOOOOOL WEEEEEEE !!!!! COOOOOOOL WEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548


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