James Chambers

Is prison really justice ? (Part 5)

count the cost! I was telling you in my last blog that i would explain the food thing . We are able to buy commissary it is ran by CI. The prices are crazy they also know that if we have money sent we are only getting very little of it. As i explained in my last blog because WADOC taxes every dollar coming in ! So nomatter how our families try to get us things we need. They are really paying cost they dont deserve or can they afford ! CI has taken over our state and has a huge monopoly with every state agency and even tax payers of Washington. The Washington legistlators have handed this over to them . Our prison has been serving food for the last 1 year 1\2 that they are forced to purchase from CI out of WADOC food budget. Our food manager was winning awards for saving money year after year before this was forced on him. Also this has increased spending just on food by more then 1\3 of what it use to cost ! This food is what some would say is short term diet because of longterm health effects. In a few years WADOC budget will have huge increase because of health effects. This consist of everything peaple should not eat !Processed everything to be continued

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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