James Chambers

amazing love story !

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Today i had an awesome day with the woman i love ! She and I taked about all the stuff going on in her life ! And the things i have been working on here in prison. we played monopoly and yahtzee which i won monopoly and she won yahtee ! Always have so much fun it really is so nice to be out of this place enjoying the company of this great woman that takes her time to come down her everyweek . She really makes me feel so loved it makes the rest of my week go by so quick ! Lora is always in great mood when she is her, we lift each other up always strengthen each other though . Lora has great heart having her back in my life is cramazing ! God is so good to me and i love praying with Lora god is moving in our lives . another awesome week !

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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