Lamont Edwards

Thoughts on living in this “cage” – part1 “emotions”

When did being an emotional man become the norm,probably the same time as skinny jeans, tight shirts,or being on lock for a sexcrime became the new in thing????? (I say the last, because alot of people are locked up for it now and every time I turn on the news.Thats what thier talking about)
I know that having emotions is a part of “human”nature,but when did it become okay for a “man” to base his thoughts,actions,ideas,ambitions and being,on emotions???????????
( When I say emotion,Im talking about. Spite,love,trust,sensativity and becoming emotionally attached.Oh I almost forgot waiting for months to bring up a situation that happend in the past, too through it in anothers face ,or to not do something.)
The things that a women hopes to get from a man,but cant.As I write this,Im looking at one “man” look deep into anothers eyes spilling his guts,about things he should be talking to a woman about.(If he or some of these other “men”did that with the women that they say that they love they’d have a deeper bound)
I might be looking at that question from the wrong angle,that being from behind “bars”.I dont know ?but it seems like alot of the men I maround or see on tv. Are on some other shit.Maybe its just this generation If that is the answer ?I think that we as a people are in a world of trouble.
Theres probably a lot of women that might feel like its a great thing,thatmen are getting “soft”.I hope that none of them get at me about this,because those womens men probably borrow thier pants.No im just bullshitting,If they or you want to give me a better insight on why men are getting soft?Please let me know.Then I could ask some of these tuff,soft ass men that run around here all day .If thats whats wrong with them to? What ever you tell me might explain why they run around all day trying to grab eachothers balls like its funny.Are sitting in eachothers face telling another “man”what thier hopes,dreams and ambitions are.
If women could really see how their “men”act in here and out there on the low.They would lose all respect.It might seem like im going a little to hard on these guys,but if “you” got to sit at the back table,of the dayroom for a couple minutes and saw some of the things that these “men”do are say to eachother you wouldnt believe it.
I’ll end this by saying that I do not write this to pass judgement,considering I killed my mothers boyfriend,for him getting her to lie to the police against me to get me’ locked up. To do things to her and my lil brother that I wont talk about.Im writing this because after 8 years of hearing and seeing it I still cant figure it out??????????

Lamont Edwards
DOC #798028

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