Jason Beeson


I understand that everyone out there is busy.
However if anyone could help me with getting printouts of my comments i would appreciate it.
I would like to see what kind of feed back i am getting from my posts.
This whole writing thing is something im new to, never been good at it.

As i have said before i dont have much in the way of family support.
Just a little bit of help would go a long way.
I dont have any money but i do bead so i would bead something for help.
If you are able to help let me know what kind of project you would like.

Unfortunately this is my last stamp, i wont be able to post for a while.
I hope that eveyone has a Happy Valentines Day.

I would appreciate any help that can be provided
Thank you and God bless

Jason Beeson
DOC #354287

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