Jarvais Warren

The key to a woman’s heart – The Elbow

Well thats the key to my Finance’s heart, make her laugh (funnybone).
March will be a year since we met, and it seems like its only been 3 mo.
She told me her plan was to talk to me until I said something stupid lol.
I say “I do stoopid stuff everyday, so Im guessing you just got use to it”.

I think communication is the way to have a healthy prison relationship.Instead of arguements, voice your thoughts to eachother to fix issues.
I see so many guys screaming in the phone, they aren’t even listening.
Thats just a waist of the overpriced phonecall, and extra stress.

Prison is waaay too serious if you ask me, why not joke and laugh a lil.
Give your face muscles a break! GEEEZE!

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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