Jameel Farris


As humans mistakes are to be expected, but what we obtain & retain from those mistakes builds character and makes us the person we are, we should never judge by someones mistakes, what they’ve done or where there from but more by who they are and where there going.

I’ve never been involed in a blog sitw so i hope i make a good first impression on the blog world with all that being said, My names Jameel Farris im African American i’m 22 years young, right now im currently incarcerated at stafford creek corrections center. I’ve been incarcerated since oct.4.2009 i caught my case at a very young age of 17 thankfully im close to release im to be released Jan,20,2016 at the young age of 23.

It’s a very hard transition but im getting myself mentally prepared for the real world that is one of the reasons why im interested in the blog world so i can see all kinds of diffrent opinons from all over the world on life and other people who can relate to where i come from and where im tryning to go and the things i would like to achieve.
If you would like to respond to anything and write to me, my info is on the Contact page.

I hope no one out there lets my current situation deter them from resopnding to my blogs or just to offer words of incouragement im a very open minded person& im always willing to learn if the opportunity presents itself. so with that lil information about myself i hope im accepted into the blog world with open arms.

Jameel Farris
DOC #348377

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  1. I’m very passionate about the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. They have an inmate program and they teach a lot of great character traits! Its the main thing I’ve seen help and encourage ppl that I saw incarcerated. Theres always hope where there’s life and determination. I agree– its not about where a person was, it’s about where they are now and where they are going. http://www.peacefulsolution.org

    Please spread this message.

    Does the messages on the blog go to the inmates?
    I would be curious to know for future comments as well! Thanks!



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