Jeremiah Gilbert

Jeremiah Gilbert

NAME: Jeremiah J. Gilbert
D.O.B.: 11-27-1976
INTAKE DATE: 9-20-1992
RELEASE DATE: To Be Determined

ABOUT ME: I came to prison at the age of 15. My original sentence was Life Without Parole plus 280 months. I was told that for my mistakes I would never again be free. I was unworthy of a second chance…

Tragically for years I believed that definition of this human being. I acted thusly, being violent, playing the “convict” and allowing no mercy, I was afterall a monster….right?

Years later I am again awakening in an isolation cell, today though is somehow different. The question of the morning isn’t,” Why is this always happening to me?” Yet rather, “Why am I always making this happen?”

This is the section where the clouds part, that heavenly “ahhhh” sound plays and I am blinded by this huge bright light! I am powerful enough to define not only myself, but my environment, how I engage it and even my worth!

I glance around excitedly upon my release back into general population,
“Everyone see that bright-ass light?!?”

Hmmm… Seems not everyone has decided to define themselves as worthy. Many can’t see even the pinhole of hope in their canvas as their eyes, head and hearts are still downcast beneath the yoke of anothers definition of who they are.

This day my light still shines fiercely. I will soon be resentenced and the weight of NEVER will be lifted. It is possible I may be as near the gate as two and a half years. Or as close as a wee bit further twenty two years. Either way I am blessed to now have the opportunity to prove my worth, to work my way home. To allow this body to inhale the freedom my mind and spirit already breathe…

Jeremiah Gilbert
DOC #709551

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