Steve Anderson


Our experience’s is determined by our interstate , not by what one
become’s in this world, or what you got.

Most people become to see the world as they have learned to
see it, from many thing’s other’s have , and do , there part is in the
knowledge one seek in ?.

One’s vision and experience’s depend’s on their conditioning .

Some have been tought what is good and bad ,right & wrong ,

One experince thing’s accordingly under many other condition’s .

One is we have to act appropriately in order to live in and
with a healthy Peace of mind and in a state of true harmoniously .

One should not be bound by social standards .

Just as one of the most terible thing’s on dry land and at sea is the
the feeling that there is something unclean about us, as in unworthy
not good enough special in the upmost negitive ways .

Please to the upmost of your ability never belittle your self in any
fashion of the uness ,

Being unfair to self is very unheathy .

And dont let your being matter , on another person putting on a fake
front of any kind of showing off with these [ WORD’S

Any thing that’s fake dont last , and it’ll never meet your need’s
over time , well that what make’s it a waste of time with no gain
at all , and if your on earth for the moment you been fooled !

One can speak and behave in and with the fineness manner’s and
stay geared up in fashion but ,

To respect self will bring other’s to do so , that never has to be
demaned .

To know self is to do the home work to recieve all the tool’s
in your journey just as to getting to know God and all law’s He sent
down for and to all human’s .

Please ask your self what it mean’s to you to be free ?


Number # -1- Is we have to become free from what we have and wont .

Just as one is right now thinking about acouiring what they dont have .

Once we know our selves it’ll lead us to an higher contenment ,

There’s never a good reason to compare self to another in anyway .

One has to become free from these notion’s .

Yes it’s bad because cause most of the time one is burning
with the desire to have this or that .

Some envy other’s who are happy , or got this or that something
one dont have or one become’s jealous . wow one seem to be
always comparing .

The funny thing is that a incomplete path can offen be recognized
from it’s appeal’s be very strong to the ego .

When one becomes incontact with the truth a full attack is lauched
on the ego , only the ego dislike’s thing’s ,

the self never dislike’s anything thing .

When the ego is attacked it feed’s plenty to the state of dislikeness .

Just as one becomes rattled ,

When one is unsure as in, I dont understand what’s going on,
or when one’s concept’s are challenged .

The wrong concept’s become obvious for this reason resistance
kick’s in to certain thing’s about the [ 49 ]

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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