Hello world , its me again and i have a new situation to report .
I have wrote several times about forgiveness and how i desire it .

Well guess what , on the t.v. , they had a news investagation dealing with my eventual release . I didnt know that it was going to come on but a friend of mine was watching the news and he seen me . watched the program and then told me .

I caught the program later on that night and i honestly have to say that i understand where the family is comming from , one of the two people interviewed , doesnt want me to get released . If it were me , i might feel the same way .

One thing that was somewhat positive about this interview was the segment with the nephew of the victim .

I was shocked to hear that he supports my release because he believes in change. Reformation. Redemption .Second chances .

He is actually concerned about my well being after all that i have done to him and his family . He expressed his concern as to if i know how to use a cell phone or a computer !

I have to say that i am touched by his concern for me and how i will be able to re-adjust to the world . It is something that means alot to me on my road to forgiveness , it seems as if it is possible .

It is conformation that i can get past my past because there are people who will look past my past and give me a second chance . I have a re-newed sense of hope for my future , it comes from the nephew of my victim , which to me is powerful .

It is now less than 30 days before the hearing and normally the person going to the hearing would feel like he is going through trail again but fortunately i dont feel that way , i feel more like there is no other choice but order my release !

I am going to end this here so i can send this off and get it to you . As always , if you want to have a more indept conversation about this topic ,you know how to reach me . I hope to hear from you all soon .

Until the next time . Be safe out there .

DOC #970703

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