Second Chances

Do you believe in second chances? Do you believe that a person can change if given that opprotunity? Why is society so quick throw away the key to a young person’s life if everything is built on rehabilitation.

I have struggled with question many times over. They only conclusion i can come up with is that they don’t want to give a second chance.

Everything sounds good. From allowing you to see the parole board to filing for clemecy. But in all actuality i think it’s just a shame.

What is deem extra-ordinary? What can a person in my position do that is extra-ordinary? Aside from schooling, working, out-reach programs and ect., what is there really?

No matter what the case may be i truly believe that if a person is remorseful and that they have shown to have change, why not give that person a second chance.

I was 16 years old when i was sent to jail and then prison. I am not that same little boy who was immature, irresponsible, hardheaded and naive.

I have grown into a man who has learned that every action has consequences. I have owned up to my mistakes and all i can ask for is forgiveness.

But aside from my case and story. I am talking about hundreds of individuals like myself who has change because we WANTED TO, no because we had to. Thats the different.

Should we not be allowed a second chance…

John Phet
DOC #843064

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