Steve Anderson


The relationships one has with family .

Even they have up’s and down time .

Im mad at you .

For what you did ,or dent do , or said , or dent say .

Sure one seeks forgiveness or just foregives .

One cant stop caring and loving family yeah right not .
And it’s unfair and unjust that you cant find forgiveness for one thats apart of you , yes family .

God forgives all, who are you not to ?

Thats the unfair part that you have created .

The unjust part is to stop the growth that is not being shaired , family .

Well i speak for me today the relationships with all my family members
Mater more to me then anything one might have done or said to me .

I speak truth I have been tested by some of my love ones and nothing
matters as long as one dont fake to applozies to a open heart .
Then growth can be restored based on honesty and respect .

That is never to be brought back up for any reason, out of respect .
Of the rights of the foregive ,

That you just gave freely .

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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