Friends With Ex’s

Can you honestly be friends with your ex? Yeah i understand that sometimes you can still be friends but how often does that happen?
Would you not feel awkward? Wouldnt you some type of way towards him/her? I havent found myself in many relationships so its safe to say i dont have many ex’es either.
But to have someone you are currently in a relationship with still have their ex as a “friend” is a stange notion to me. How? Is it possible?
Anything is possible i guess. But if you are the person thats in the relationship now, and your girlfriend/boyfriend is still friends with their ex how would that make you feel?
Yes, i know that no matter what some people can be forgiving. But to forget, never. How could you forget all the things that that person have done to you. How could you forget all the pain and heartache?
I personally cant. Can you? If thats the case then how can you still be friends with the person who cause you all that pain? No matter how big of a heart you may have, it would seem to me that your little heart might still have some kind of feelings for him/her.
Right or wrong? If im wrong then why not just move on with your life and remove that person from you life? I would start to wonder, hmmmmm.

John Phet
DOC #843064

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  1. You can be friends with your ex if you recognize that the pain and heartache was from the dynamic of the interactions between the two people. Once you hold yourself responsible for your own state of being, your own feelings, you can forgive and see them as a person you have a connection with, but an unhealthy pattern of interaction with. So you realize you can’t be together as a couple, but maybe as friends. You can identify what thoughts are causing your feelings by putting your attention on the feeling and notice what comes to mind, like daydreaming. You will find that it’s not all the others fault and you (the person) will understand themselves better.



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