Steve Anderson


Patience and perseverance .

Within these two componets parts .

Are four elments .

One.. Bearing annoyances , Adverities , Suffering without bitter complaints , Lost of your temper and hopelessness .

Two.. Restraining one self from immoderate or harmful infuences or
temptations .

Three.. The unwillingness to take the necessary time to be through so as not to be hasty or careless .

Four.. Steadily directing ones self towards goodness .

Unwavering purpose .

We can see that patience entails both holding back when appropriate and a going forward when appropriate .

One patiently restrains self from all deeds that are displeasing to god and harmful to one’s self .

Patience is the key to inner powers that enables one to respond with
intentions and purposes to a healthy challenging life.

The inner power is in dispensable to deliberate practices .

When one controls their temper and desires .

Thats when one obtains one of the component of freedom .

With sound knowledge and reason one is capable of grasping truth to freedom .

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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