Floydale Eckles

Companionship or Company

Since the debut of the Prison Wive’s Club, much controversy surrounds the topic of women who dare to build relationships with incarcerated men. Many facets of multi-media suggests that convicts are heartless, emotionless brutes with no care or concern for anyone but ourselves. This is simply not the case for myself, or a large majority of the prison population for that matter. Many men in this institution, and facilities around Washington State, are open to, and in some instances, crying out for companionship in the hopes that true love will result from bulding those bonds.

As an incarcerated man, and I’m sure most incarcerated men and women will agree, I am aware that it is, indeed, improper to present myself to any woman under such a discrediting set of circumstances. However I am also aware that a person should not be judged by their actions, instead by the morals and values they represent, allowing their personality to build and impression rather than their expressions to build their personality.

In my current situation, it is essential to find a woman instiled with this understanding. Also, I would think that women would find it rather refreshing to meet a man stripped of all the worlds pressures, pretends, and masks of illussion. Not being presented with the pressures of performance, whether it be regarding first appearances, first dates, or sexual satisfaction, relieves one of hinderances,allowing them to build the relationship solely on communication, correspondense, and the ability to build a real mental, and spritual connection. Tell men what you think.

Floydale Eckles
DOC #708508

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