Floydale Eckles

Floydale Eckles

Hello to all! In greeting, I would like to extend best wishes to all for this holiday season. My name is Floydale Eckles, which I’m sure could be a topic of discussion in and of itself.(Smile) The short version…I am somewhat of a country boy, born and raised in Missouri, so traditional attributes apply.

I am a 42 year old, African-American man. I have been incarcerated since Augustof 2014, and I am due to be released on May 02, 2016. I like to think I am an intellectual, well-informed, and a great conversationalist, so look forward to my topics and blogs to be thought-provoking, mentally stimulating, and sometimes challenging, but always fun and interactive, so let’s blog!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to respond to my posts. Also, my info is on the Contact page.

Thank you.

Floydale Eckles

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