Donshae Sims

Donshae Sims

Hello World, first let me thank you for taking your time to read anything I have to say. My name is SHAE. I am from Seattle, WA I’m. 28 years young. African American & Native American.

I am currently incarcerated for mistakes I have made. I am now at my halfway mark, I have served 4 years thus far, & I have 4 left.

I am far from “perfect”. Prison does not define who or how I am. I do my time the best I can seeking more knowledge & understanding. Good communication is always helpful & excepted. I do a lot of reading & writing.

Meeting new people & making new friends is also helpful. I am open minded to other people’s opinions & points of view. If you would like to write or email me, my info is on the Contact page.

Thank you.

Donshae Sims
DOC #332482

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