Cyril D. Walrond

Cyril Walrond

“One person can be a catalyst for great pain, but one person can also be a catalyst for great change!”

This epiphany derived from countless hours I spent meditating and reflecting early on into my incarceration, at the realization of the pain I caused so many through my juvenile naiveté. As I continued my introspection, I understood my life’s journey would now be taking a scenic detour to my ultimate destination. This would be a defining moment, but not the defining moment of my life. Now my epiphany wasn’t always so eloquently articulated but I knew three things:

1) I had to accept responsibility for my actions and acknowledge my erroneous behavior
2) Life as I knew it would never again be the same, and that
3) I decide how I will utilize my past to mold my future.

My name is Cyril Walrond, and at the age of 17 I was involved in a night of crimes that resulted in an innocent man losing his life and led to two other people being victimized. As I take full and complete responsibility for the incidents of that night, I know no amount of words could ever accurately convey the depths of my remorse. I realize that there is no way to erase the transgressions of my past so I have given my life to a greater cause, one in which I will repay society for the damages I have inflicted upon it by keeping others from going down this same destructive path.

After about a year and a half in county jail I pled guilty to what was supposed to be reduced charges. Ignorant of the inner workings of the criminal justice system and its intricate complexities of all of the bartering taking place behind closed doors. I took a deal I was told would send me away for 15 years but ended up with 34 ½ years on my first ever criminal offense.

My life was used as the sacrificial lamb, laid at the altar of the criminal justice system to set a precedent and make me an example to other “juvenile delinquents” of my generation, of my city, of my neighborhood. But what was meant to destroy me, God turned into an opportunity, a platform.

I am in fact a proud example for my generation, city, and ‘hood…I am an example of growth, change, and persevering in the face of adversity among many other things. While my life was assumed to have no options for vertical elevation because of the expansive system that holds the key to my freedom, but only physically. I have turned my failures into opportunities, my setbacks into breakthroughs, my adversities into adventure. And to those who can’t see past their present circumstances, I believe my life is a testimony that we are only limited by our self-imposed limitations. Now at the age of 25 I am a new man. Like a phoenix arising from the ashes. I have been refined by the fires of my past, and yet not defined by them.

In prison I have learned the only true person is in the mind, therefore I vigorously work to free myself spiritually, intellectually, academically, as well as mentally every day. In these last few years I have learned knowledge isn’t power but the application of knowledge is power. I will never claim to know everything because the more I know, the more I realize I don’t know, which entices my insatiable thirst for more knowledge. In the same breath, people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

I am honored to have a platform such as this to share my experiences, my thoughts and my views while hopefully igniting many relevant discussions. I will let you into the reality of my Stone City.

I am willing to be as transparent as possible to allow the conversations to flow freely but I will never write to glorify any aspect of prison, crime, or violence. My posts will range in topics from my personal beliefs about and my first hand experiences within the system, to my life prior to incarceration and everything in between so be on the lookout.

Any additional comments, thoughts, questions, or suggestions feel free to contact me.

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Cyril Walrond
DOC #309756

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  1. When you falsely claim you had “no options for vertical elevation”, you conveniently omitted the fact you had been awarded a generous scholarship by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

    The murder you committed was nothing more than a black-on-asian hate crime, and your sentence is fully deserved.


  2. Hey Cyril!!!! It’s Lacey from H.S. Just wanted to let you know that you still are on my mind even after all this time. This blog of yours is truly inspirational and I’m proud of who you have become! I can’t wait to see your face again. God bless you!


  3. Hey man you probebly dont remember me but we played football together at Mt. Tahoma, but i occasionally type your name in to check on anything new news on you and just saw this area to contact you, i hope all is well and i hope you stay blessed man


  4. Hey fam, just seeing how you’re holding up I know it’s been years since we talked but man I hope you’re doing good…


  5. Hi Cyril,

    It’s Ghynecee ..I read this blog and I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m glad that you’re growing and I’d love to read more about your journey.


  6. Whats up Cyril!

    Its Evan from high school. Not sure if you remember me. We used to have spanish class together. When i heard what happened, i couldnt believe it. I always knew you were destined for great things. Thats what made hearing that news so tough. Always wanted to hit you up and see how you were doing, just didn’t know how. What you wrote above is incredibly inspirational. Your strength to overcome your circumstances is second to none. God definitely has a plan for us all and like you said, youre just taking the scenic route. Look forward to more posts from you. Take it easy brother and God bless.



  7. Hey FAM this is your big brother Bobby I just got done reading what you have wrote thats deep man an I’m glad you change your life around for the good you know everything happens for a reason an you turning something negative into positive that good an helping others out.. I love you FAM I can’t wait until you get out


    • It is only through the grace and mercies of God that I am here today operating in the gifts that have been bestowed upon my life. I have come along ways and I know I still have a ways to go. Reading your commented brings to scriptures to mind that I frequently stand on. 1) Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” And 2) Genesis 50:19-20 NIV “… Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” I may not be where I ideally would want to be but I am where I need to be for this brief and momentary season. This place is my training ground and day by day I am not wasting any more time but redeeming the time. I love you too and look forward to that day. C.D. Walrond


  8. Hey Cyril,

    Its Isaiah Chun Fook your friend from back in grade school. It was a shock to find out what you were involved in because I’ve known you so long and never expected that out of you. After reading this article you wrote I still see the same Cyril. I still think about how your doing bro and even though your in there I know you will still accomplish great things. Stay up bruh!

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    • The word thank you doesn’t even begin to express how humbled and grateful I am by your comment. I was only 17 when I went away, and although I thought I had the world figured out, I was terribly wrong and had much to learn. I was lost and confused while trying to find my way but found myself wandering around in darkness. At the same time, those I looked to for advice were just as lost as I was, if not worse. But thank God because I was once lost, but now I am found.

      Yes, I am the same Cyril, but nothing like the old Cyril at the same time. Now I am no longer trying to be “the man”. I am trying to be the man I was created to be. My dear friend, I may have fell short in the past but promise the pain of those I hurt in my youth will not be for naught, but rather the fuel that has and will be used to continue to transform my life and the life of others. As you said, “I still will accomplish great things.” Thank you for your encouraging and inspiring words.

      I leave you with this thought: “Out of our mistakes, misfortunes, and misery comes our ministry.”

      Be on the look out for more things to come. I wish you much peace, many blessings, and happy holidays!



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