Season Greetings, by Ronald Johnson

I pray all is weel with everyone Especially thoes Families of the incarcerated !!! To not have the Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters home especially from the system Ignoring the laws and over sentencing the poor and disinfranchised…
This has got to stop,we Must Stop these Public Officals from Operating Our Government as if it is THE MAFIA, we must Hold them Accountable when they Ignore the laws and misquate the Laws,for they are deemed to know the Laws!!!!!! The time has come where we must understand that mass incarceration Is NOt the Answer at all !!!!!
Please rech out to someone in a jail or prison and let them know they are not forgotten at all, and when you hear about Abuse of Authority ( Preceived Authority), please check into this for it is your duty as a Tax paying United States Citizen.
Stop allowing 7 Million Dollars to come up missing and unaccounted for as has happened in the Kansas Department of Corruption,/The Kansas Courts are under all sorts of investigations,for they have been ignoring the laws of Modifing The hard 50 Sentence under K.S.A.21-6628(c),formerly 21-4639,and they do have many attorney’s and different orgnazations helping them keep this Misuse of power and Miscarriage of Justice Hidden from the public at large, so please Say Something when the System is in the wrong, Help Restore our System and our Moral Values, for if the System ain’t Rightous and Fair and Just,what make you think that 7 Million Dollars won’t come up missing, by the very people you intrusted t be just and fair???
Wake up Kansas!!!! make sure you know whats going on here and Especially in the Corrupt Courtrooms in this State!!! Ask why are the 53 men and women still have not been taken back to court as yet, to have there hard 50 sentence Modified as the statute states in K.S.A21-6628(c)????It is going on 5 long years to have Justice Delayed and Ignored, without a outcry from the Public.
Please helpand write with any questions, Ronald Johnson, P.O.Box311,EDCF, #79020, El Dorado,Kan.67504
Or just Jpay me,and I will send you the details and answer any questions you may have, and give you the Attorneys info., who knows the State is moving in a Corrupt manner.
Try to Have A Happy Holiday, after reading all this,and fact checking for yourselves…
Truly In Need Of Help,
Brother R.Johnson El

DOC #79020

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