Dennis Carter Jr.

Black Lives Matter? by Dennis Carter Jr.

As you see I put a question mark behind this phrase I hear over and over and over again! My question is does it really or only matters when when something happens to a black person that everyone in the world can get a little recognition of there down fall or do “BLM” only when someone’s down fall allows you to release the pint up rage that’s brewed for years inside and now you have a opportunity to let it out with a little repercussion because you have something to scream and use as a safety net while you commit a crime so you say BLM..

If so many cared about black lives why is the fight not the same for people that will not bring you the same attention and shine as a dead black person..

What about those lost there life do to the broken justice system what about those who been preyed upon by the justice system because they have no money and poor/little families or little education what about those who are INNOCENT and CHANGED! Do you understand why I question does Black Lives really matte? I lost my life at the age of 18 and will be 33 soon for a crime I did NOT commit, I was the youngest of the three by nearly 10 years and didn’t have a gun while the shooter only served 12months. I’ve wrote more people than you could imagine trying to get someone to hear and understand the justice system doesn’t believe in Black Lives even when there’s evidence! I’ve been beat by the people that suppose to protect me but they don’t care, I’ve been beat by inmates and stabbed 5 times even hit with a lock.. I’m just a number to them! I have no way to make the world shine I’m not dead yet but I’m on the way because I haven’t hear from one person to assure that BLACK INNOCENT LIVES MATTER and that my UNJUSTICE will be heard..

These are my accomplishments just no I didn’t let the wrong defeat me but made me stronger and smarter. I’ve received my G.E.D also currently enrolled in college, completed several trades, custodian maintenance, safe serve, OSHA, I’m a skilled painter. I’ve received several letters from top faculty! I am proud to say I’m my own boss YES MY OWN BOSS I’m a proud business owner of Flips Consulting Firm(LLC) that is registered with the state of Virginia that is currently employing 9 of our fellow Virginians and allow single mothers and striving men thr opportunity to become there own boss. I have colleges in California, I’ve been a positive voice in the midst of wrong..Yes I’m a Black man that is INNOCENT and a Black man that has GREW and 14 years hasn’t been a waste! No one seems to hear my cry! Do you hear me now I’m a man now and not afraid to ask for help! Especially me! I’m a husband, a father, a son, a friend, a mentor, and a people need me, my community needs me!

I’ve had a Conditional Pardon that’s been pending for 3 years and the person who committed the crime finally had the heart to speak the truth..I AM ALIVE AND I WANT MY BLACK LIFE TO MATTER!

Dennis Carter Jr.

DOC #1167193

Nottaway Correctional Center

P.O. Box 488

Burkeville Va 23922

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  1. It’s not the end of the world yet Dennis. You can still live your life to the fullest, only that you had years spent wasted in prison. Just forget the past and move on to your brighter future.


  2. May God bless you Dennis. There is hope as long as you live. Grab every opportunity you have to be happy. Each and every people’s life matters. Make yours worthy in God and in people’s eyes. Thank you.


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