Review of “Straight Like That,” by QUENTIN DILLARD

Straight Like That is a book that consists of 8 chapter that expose negative behavior that is caused by incarcerated men who don’t understand the importance of developing positive social skills.

Chapter I. Check the facts
This chapter that deals with incarcerated men who post ad’s on pen-pal sites. Some of these fellows are creative and are not fore coming about their charges that they are convicted of. They give false information about their outdates as well as their age. You are now able to fact check the things your pen pal stated on their pen-pal site.

Chapter 2 The Bachelor/Bachelorette
Explore the importance to be who you say you are. Once a inmate feel as though you playing game with their feelings. It become a game of cat and mouse. it also discuss the importance of handwriting letters.

Chapter 3 Chase
Deals with allowing your pen-pal to earn your trust. It give you clever tools to detect if your pen-pal is being authentic. By simply using his introduction against him or her.

Chapter 4 Change is Good.
Concerns with seen where your new profound friend mind state is. What is his or her doing throughout their stay to show growth. Is they stuck gossiping about the negative behavior around them.

Chapter 5 All play, No Work
Speak about 3 types of incarcerate men. Goal oriental, multitasking and the one in the middle. It help you identity what type of jobs they like and why.

Chapter 6. Ooh. This is Expensive!
Explain how petty these men can be to the smallest thing like con a person out of stamps. How they used things to gain more money than need it.

Chapter 7 Praying on the Prey.
Gives signs to look for when these fellows are using you to fund their drug habits and what they use to pay the debt off with.

Chapter 8 To Catch a Rat, You Need a Trap.
Teaches the importance of knowing the staff at the facilities that deals with the incarcerated person you how to catch this individual up, they’re cheating.

Thank you for your time in this matter. You are a men that found his calling. Live your reality! 
God bless you

Quentin Dillard

DOC #A452-749

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