Matthew Mehlhaff

¿Why Didn’t You Tell Me I Was Different? by Matthew F. Mehlhaff

Why is equality not equal? The constitution of the United States declares that ALL man is created equally. And yet this same government system endorses a divided people of “Us against them” mentality. Democrats versus Republicans. Blacks versus Whites. Police versus Public. How long before we start calling our president “Fuehrer”?

Slavery and racism have been on this planet in one form or another since man first learned to think on its own. And I believe that is the root cause – man began to think – of himself better than everything else. They developed a Superiotity Complex that has been passed down to every generation throughout time. And as time goes by, we get worse. Or is that – we get better? We get better at being our worse when we give it enough time.

In the last entry, I compared several races that are being singled out for discrimination. Yes, they all have their individual battles for what is right. And yes, the white populace thinks of themselves as superior over all other races. Which is something I find ironically funny – since about 75% of all whites in the world are now mixed with those races they discriminate against. So how do we fix this problem? The government won’t do it. So how do we take matters into our own hands and change this societal problem without further escalating the situation?

We see on the news that “peaceful” demonstration quickly become riots, mostly caused by those that are supposed to be “keeping the peace.” We can submit petitions to be considered into law, even if the politicians will probably change them to protect themselves and still discriminate against the general public.

The best way that I can think of for these much needed changes – is start with yourself. Make an effort to meet someone new outside your circle of race, religion, or gender identification. You just might be surprised at how much you may have in common.

Matthew F. Mehlhaff

DOC #864454

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