Josh Blount

A Change In Punctuation, by Josh Blount

I haven’t posted anything for quite awhile.  Apologies for that.  Things have been pretty interesting here,  to say the least.   An officer was killed behind the wall.  We were on lock-down for a couple weeks and they are talking like it might be up to a year for the guys behind the wall.  I really believe there is a spiritual battle that takes place here.  Isaiah 59:19 comes to mind and I want to change the punctuation.   “When the enemy comes in.  Like a flood the Spirit of the Lord……”

We all face attacks from the enemy, but God wants to flood us with His Spirit. In John 4:14 Jesus tells the woman at the well that He provides living water. John 7:38 tells about that flood as well. What does your story say? Do you need to change any punctuation?

Josh Blount

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