by Rico Comer

My name is Rico Comer, I am writing to ask for assistance from anyone who may be able to assist me in receiving my EIP payment. Based on a United States Supreme Court ruling, incarcerated people are entitled to this stimulus payment, which under the cares act was said to be for citizens of the united states, not stating that incarcerated people were exempt. However, it seems that even though the only requirement is that you be an american citizen, additional requirements are being made for certain people. I don’t have a valid ID being that I’ve been in prison so long, I sent a copy of my prison ID, a notarized letter, and an affidavit of power of attorney for my Aunt, there’s nothing else I can do on my own. They gave us a number to call, but it doesn’t work on the prison phone, though they say it does.
I have been incarcerated for sixteen years, and received a letter telling me that I needed to contact the IRS to verify my identity in order to protect myself from fraud or identity theft. The institution does not allow the case managers, who are supposed to be advocates, to give us phone calls to call the IRS, though this is considered a legal call since its related to avoiding having your identity stolen, or having yourself charged with fraud. So I’m seeking anyone who may assist me in figuring out how to overcome this obstacle, most people in my housing unit have already received their payment. I ask that anyone who can, please help me in this matter.
Rico Comer

Contact me at:

Rico Comer #732167
Toledo Ohio corr. institution
2001 E. Central Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43608

Or @

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