by Samuel Jones

1-12-21,I lost my mother.Right now it hurts,but I know God will comfort me and my family.I never knew there was a pain this strong.I mean,the pain I feel right now is worst then being shot.In fact,I don’t think there is a pain greater than the one I feel for my mother passing.This a pain that I would not wish on my worst enemy.This pain is not of the flesh,but of the heart,which no amount of medicine can cure,only time spent in the arms of God.Man,it hurts to know that I will never hug her or tell her I love her again.I miss her already and has not been a day yet!Sometimes we take for granted that our loved ones or friends will always be here.I cried,yes,I cried,but that did not take away the pain I feel.God,please help me and my familyto be strong in your might.Right now,I can not find the words to describe the pain of losing my mother.I try,but to no avail,I can’t.I would say sorrow,but that can’t even begin to describe my pain.I cried physical tears,but its the silent tears I am still shedding for the lost of my mother. God,hold the heart of me and my family in your beautiful hands and comfort us as we go through time of sorrow.

Samuel Jones #350216
1630 Prison Rd
Raymond Laborde Corr.Center

Categories: death, family, Samuel Jones Jr.

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  1. Samuel,I hear your pain, you express it so well, “the pain I feel right now is worst then being shot” you must have loved her very much.
    That pain is the same we all feel when our heart is broken by the loss of a loved one, it is physical, mental and emotional it hurts so deep. God be with you and your family in their grief.


  2. Samuel. My partner knows what it is like to lose his mother whilst incarcerated and so I have empathy for you. I am praying for you, not only for the strength but the grace you need in every aspect to be a real over comer. Take care be kind to yourself while you are grieving. Respect.


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