Anthony Waters

A THUG SONG, by Anthony Waters


Eyes watered in tears as caskets close,
mesmerized as I see minds froze,
nobody sees the soul when it goes.

humbly I weep under my sheets,
with a heart colder then mountains peeks,
yet wiser then any animal who feeds off the river creeks,
a thug song is a love song that rolls off the tip of ones tongue,
fearless then one who stands in front of an loaded gun,
under a spell in their own lil hell,
only a few goals accomplished but with so many that failed,
a thug song is his or hers lifes poem while trapped in its mean storm.

ducking jail and jealousy but honestly and modestly,
my thug song is meant for me,
as I open my eyes everyday and thank God,
it takes a strong individual like me and u to beat the odds,
tho my thug song is heard through my words,
my pain is seen in my actions of my affection
once I auditioned for the world I had to learn patience,
a misfit always being dismissed,
which made me so audacious,
my thug song,
gave me the willpower to hold on and carry on,
born into poverty but poverty gave me a choice,
no remorse in my heart when I speak can’t control voice,
so I embrace the force to change its course,
if u seen what I witness in life,
you’ll be sweaty with palms thats moist,
modern day lynching is cock it and pull it,
young blacks is targeted by bullets
so before u look down on me,
make sure u read my poem then u can hear my plea.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720786

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  1. You are a strong an loved man no matter what happened or happens you will always have the power to Learn more an to do better you are a amazing person it jst some of us lose our minds an fall off track but after we set an thnk thn we put our self back together with the work out our God


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