Anthony Waters

A THUG SONG, by Anthony Waters


Eyes watered in tears as caskets close,
mesmerized as I see minds froze,
nobody sees the soul when it goes.

humbly I weep under my sheets,
with a heart colder then mountains peeks,
yet wiser then any animal who feeds off the river creeks,
a thug song is a love song that rolls off the tip of ones tongue,
fearless then one who stands in front of an loaded gun,
under a spell in their own lil hell,
only a few goals accomplished but with so many that failed,
a thug song is his or hers lifes poem while trapped in its mean storm.

ducking jail and jealousy but honestly and modestly,
my thug song is meant for me,
as I open my eyes everyday and thank God,
it takes a strong individual like me and u to beat the odds,
tho my thug song is heard through my words,
my pain is seen in my actions of my affection
once I auditioned for the world I had to learn patience,
a misfit always being dismissed,
which made me so audacious,
my thug song,
gave me the willpower to hold on and carry on,
born into poverty but poverty gave me a choice,
no remorse in my heart when I speak can’t control voice,
so I embrace the force to change its course,
if u seen what I witness in life,
you’ll be sweaty with palms thats moist,
modern day lynching is cock it and pull it,
young blacks is targeted by bullets
so before u look down on me,
make sure u read my poem then u can hear my plea.

peace to the true and living

DOC #720786

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