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Tha Ave pt2 By: The Supreme Mujahid
Ooh wee look at dem boys spinnin. That’s my main mans Wade right there, he got that cold azz caddie flip flop paint.Waddup doe?(what up doe)Y’all just gonna sit here waste time like this you know time is money and I ain’t wasting either there ain’t enough time or money to fill my space so let’s get it, says Wade.
Wade was into everything even though he went to work he had the work and the women.He thought he was a pimp, for some reason the women he had would do what ever he said he said jump and they did. So Markus you getting this money or what? Hell yeah, what you got? asked Markus? Naw what you lookin fo’? asked Wade. Well that dog would be nice but it takes half to make me whole and I ain’t got a quarter! How bout I spot you for now, here take this stick its 15 when you get right have my ends, and don’t hit it to hard or it’ll fall fast but just in case there is a fix for that. Aight, says Markus as he goes into the house calling Quita. Aye you got to do the damn thing to this you got me? Quita was the mix queen she took 7 fentanyl tabs and and 1/8 of standback mixed them in the blender then cut a piece off the stick of heroin added the stick into the blender.Poured it out on the table. Here take this and crush it up and run it through the sifter then put it into three sections. Markus did as he was told Quita began to place little piles of the powder in different spots on the table here are 17 gram packs take the three you got and mix it with this half gram all your samples come from here I’m gonna hit that wit a tab of fent and you good.Hell yeah let me call Fatboy we going to the U.P. says Markus. Once they arrived in Chippewa they went to Walmart they called Savannah.
Waddup doe? This Fatboy you ready,we at the Walmart and I’m working so bring what you got. Sitting there Fatboy turns to Markus you hit up Justin yet? She gonna be here in about 10 minutes. Fatboy begins to light a blunt as he looks out the window damn ain’t that ya boy right there? Yup! Markus hit the horn and waves J over. I been calling you all day but I never got through I was trying to let you know I’d be up here with some good you need to get some right? Yeah but I can only get a 4 right now you gotta be here tomorrow though them reservation checks come tomorrow nobody got nothing a few people tried to make some trips down state last week only ended up getting robbed or coming back with stuff so stepped on its crazy but if you gonna be here its money and we tired of getting that Garbo.
Markus serves Justin hey I ain’t where you met me at I moved here put your number in my phone so when you call I get the call. As they are conversating Savannah pulls up.Fatboy leans out the window hey Pocahontas! Fuck you says Savannah you know that’s racist. Aww c’mon you know I don’t mean it like that, come here. Gimme kiss, so what’s up? ask Savannah. I got bout 10 can you get them off says Fatboy? Savannah pulls a wad of money here is 5 racks that should cover that 10 but you know tomorrow its going down but we done had a bunch of that stepped on bulls#!+ you know ain’t supposed to be doing this but you can make about 50 racks or more so what you gonna do? Look me and Marty fento to go back to the D we will be back tonight go get a room and be there when we get back! Uh he not sleeping in there wit us she says Fatboy responds just get a double and bring one of ya girls.
Once back in Detroit Markus finds Wade. Waddup bro I know its late but I need to get on and I got that to you! Okay youngn’ but what you lookin to get? A big but look I’d rather pay you can this 8 but what you gonna charge me for it first? Look you started the day down 15 now you wanna put 8 down on a 10 and go from 15 to 35, so dig dis what imma do gimme the 8 imma give 9 but now I’m gonna lean on you a bit but you can handle it take this 9 but you owe me 15 this time says Wade
What?! says Markus. Aye man you sure, I can handle it but I really ain’t trying to owe like that. Yeah but I mess with you and if you were able to come back this fast off that from this morning then I’m sure you need just this little help to get you right where ever you moving this at but let me warn you right now this ain’t what you had this morning this s#!+ here taken a 5 so be careful and if you do this right I just might put you on with a whole the next time besides I’m thinking about retirement. Yeah okay says Markus he takes the pack and goes home.
Quita wake up you gotta do this for me so we can get on the highway, and be there by the morning. Half sleep Quita ask what he say this will take? A 5 Markus responds. What? says Quita as she jumps out the bed lemme see this,she pulls a shoe box from under the bed and pull out a small bottle gimme a small piece of that. Markus put the pack on the table as he and Fatboy watch Quita puts a small piece of the drugs on a bottle cap and puts a drop of liquid from the little bottle in her hand on it and they all watch it turn dark blue almost black. What the fu@k that mean ask Fatboy, yeah ask Markus? Quita says look my dad taught me about this and what y’all got here is some really good sh!+ I mean that little bit could kill somebody so I can do to that what I did with that sh#+ from this morning but I will tell you this if you do this right this is about a quarter ticket I’m gonna turn this into 500 grams easy then you going back up north with him that’s 5 hunnid a gram you do the math so who ever you getting this from either got love for you or you in they way and they trying to get you hemmed up on a homicide

to be continued…………….

DOC #362241

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