Dennis Watson

Misty Eyes, by Dennis Watson

How can I forget the olive tone of your skin?, your jet black hair dancing in the wind, the day that your sister Angie said that we couldn’t be friends, (sigh), even back then, your age never matched your maturity, truthfully, I still think of you more than me, still my undying love toward you never faded with truancy, you & me, or, you & I, still will never let me forget the sincerity of Misty’s eyes, I’ve restrained every emotion I’ve expressed once when but still get misty eyed, no surprise when it’s thoughts concerning you, alone with you only elevates my passions, so there’s no telling what I’d turn into, (wolf howling), look what you make me turn into without a full moon, I fully blossomed into a beautiful creation from a cocoon, all I wanted was to spread my wings, illicit things never consume my inner brightness, the second of having you in my grasp no other would ever be able to possess my enticement, twice in this lifetime I’ve seen you, the second time you drove an SUV & never heard when I screamed for you, well, at least that’s the lie I tell myself, you looking in the rearview mirror & seeing me only makes me feel as if I’ve failed myself, or the steam in myself wasn’t hot enough, even in 1999 it was elevated past adolescent love, I simply state these things because I know you feel it too, even in the divorce of your marriage vows I never wanted you to feel confused, this is the reason I knew you wouldn’t stop, until I found out that infidelity let loose the once tied knot, I got, one more chance, one more glance into the pain in Misty’s eyes makes the straining in my heart enhance, I feel on one hand, that I’ve lost a friend forever, but the energy we shared during that endeavor will help me keep a hold of forever, whatever, songs that you make my heart sing, only brightens the darkness that my past life brings, will we be one, hold on, or is us being one within his will, seeing you only for that split second just reminded me of everything that I still feel, it’s been 20 plus years, so can we have a chance to heal?, together, I’m still upset that I’ve missed so many birthdays, anniversaries, & Valentine’s day letters, it was all shredded, because when I returned to find you, I had to endure that fact that you moved away from 7th, & rose, i was so, Misty eyed, as I turned away then they crystalized from the cold, that’s when I realized I was a glutton for punishment, the trouble that comes from from it was the love that I never get, love that I seldom got, every relationship since you was earned DOA & still the aroma from what lingers, rots, reaching for each other until the top of the morning, only if I can roll over to you, souls starving for each other since then & I still get hunger pains, do you? I knew, your love is kinda sweet, enough to eat for hours as you whine ohh wee between the sheets, why haven’t we, done this decades ago, your body beckons to lose constricted control & we go deeper into neverlands hole, with a seductive glance I want you to erupt your glands on my taste buds, our skin tangles together before we knew how to create love, I say love, but will you stay love? hoping we don’t become misty eyed if ever the gray comes, your face has become the greatest part of my dreams, I just want you to be my girlfriend as corny as it seems, I can think of 10,000 reasons for you to not turn & start leaving, the 1st one is I missed the heat of your touch that kept my anxiety even, my greed for you, has increased to gluttony, If there was a way to kept it warm, then I’d just keep your love with me, at least I know I’d be safe, until it got ripe enough for me to taste twice a day, I go ape shit & bananas for you, I’ve destroyed & rebuilt myself just to be prepared for you, I just know that things seem to last longer when united & remain in 2’s, we’ve already been given the greatest tools by our father, not to put up barriers by the love we seem to harbour, our time will come again, I’ve buried your smile in the archives of the things that I endear, wishing once that it would just physically appear, as I steer on the road that I walk alone would you journey with me? because all the divas, sluts, & skeezers just don’t fit me, & if we, just happen to reunite, it’ll the longest embrace we’ve experienced in history, between Misty & I, with, Misty eyes

Dennis J. Watson
DOC #A632-936

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