racism & equality

Just my Thoughts, by Robert Smith Jr.

I’m bothered when I read how Blacks in the 21 Century are still enduring racial slurs, or suppressing their culture, via hairstyles, fashion, music, etc. just to fit into white America. I can’t believe I’m reading articles like this today. And it saddens me to say that a lot of that passive, don’t speak out mentality comes from the parents of these black children. They’re being taught to endure the test of getting in position or becoming successful. Play a long to get ahead. And that mentality is having a detrimental effect on the psyches of Black children. But I guess that’s the difference between Black conscious people and those that just have Black skin complexion. There’s no fucking way I’m going for anything like that or promoting my children to do such. I understand it was necessary during slavery, but you still always had those slaves that rather rebel and make history. And that’s me, I don’t care to be rich, wealthy, in the league, a politician, show business, an artist, an entertainer, an actor, a model, an executive, or whatever at the expense of my Black identity. White America has never impressed me enough to where I would sell my soul to fit in. I’m already successful, yea, being truly Black in white America is a success. Given all the insidious laws, good ole boy networks, skin privilege, and Faustian Bargains designed to keep us from getting ahead and maintaining our identity. And that’s what Black parents need to teach their children. Being Black is a conscious effort and a full time job, so embrace it.

Robert Smith Jr
DOC #477-176

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