Demetrius Arnold

by Demetrius Arnold

Out of the abundance of the heart a man speaks. What does your heart profess to others, is it encouragement, is what you say deemed to be truthful? Is your heart filled with love, empathy, and genuine concern? Are the people that you come in contact with encouraged by your presence or do they avoid you? Does what you say impact a person positively, if not is it constructive? Are you on the receiving end of constant beratement? Is what that person saying to you building you up or tearing you down? If you are waiting for change and its the same talk, then you have to think of what is really in that persons heart, for out of the abundance of the heart a man speaks. Don’t let someone else’s low self-esteem be your demise. Counter bad with good, hate with love and lies with truth. Let today be the day examine your heart, you’ll be surprised what you may find.

Demetrius Arnold
DOC #1792636

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