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LIVE from M.D.O.C, by Harvey Banner

Okay y’all we back after a few setbacks and in the mist of c19 we pick back up LIVE from M.D.O.C. season 2
Damn Tre we getting hose! I ain’t seen my kids in almost a year says Tre yeah I know says Harv its really messed up after the kid and wet wet did that to T-rex the place ain’t been the same yeah I know they acting like we got the plague or something and everybody negative so they really on some bull hey you know that they got some barber who been coming here to cut people hair. Oh shoot says Harv he did lil Jonny so wrong so when Jonny went back dig what her do he say, “I need you to push my hair line back leave a patch of hair on the left side and a bald spot behind my ear on the right side and half a shag at the back so the barber look at Jonny and ask why you want that, that sounds crazy so Jonny say well that’s how you did me last time. So the barber ask him c’mon man I did that? YUP! So I’m laughing my ass of cause he messed Jonny shit up again so Jonny say this time when dog ask he gonna say just fuck me up!!!

I’m back with new episodes and a few new characters thanks for being patient you can also find me on
Write a Prisoner.com
stay tuned for more stories and political commentary
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Harvey Banner #362241
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Harvey Banner#362241 @
write a prisoner.com

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