Major McCormick

Some of my Thoughts, by Major McCormick

I look at the sky and see it needs sweeping. Dust clouds from mermaids of the past that mistakened the blue for the sea instead of glass. Trembling rays stuck in the future believing in fairy tales of hell trying to escape its flames beyond the names of other gods comfortably sleeping. Golden myths filled with silver linings of hope, the big dipper luring forth fortunes, the orion belt whipping beautiful harps, shooting stars with bowing arrows shouting victories beyond the moon and the sun into distant galaxies with colorful comets. The turning wheels of time grinding furiously towards Aquarius. Racing against the currents of age the universe unsettled, wobbling on cause and effect, turmoil in the milky way. Space searching for new worlds answers beyond an invisible heaven, the Garden of Eden yet in the midst. Cosmic wars paint new consellations for the eyes of the fertile, A new world order battles the old universe, asteroids, dark holes, gravity, vibrations, ether, and bands of unknown forces, warp zones the crystal broom to the end of its gentle sweep.

I look at you all and see the love, love thats sleeping. How beautiful and dangerous. Have we not learned. the capacity of the unknown heart? Have you searched it? Why is it always empty? never satisfied, and when its full its but for a moment. Hypnotized by world affairs our ears become dull, eyes near sighted, minds heavy. Hearts flesh though invisible. Entertain your dreams are they not nightmares without focus? Where is the world going? Is it not at the razors edge of something? Who is in control? Where is reality? What happened to life? Is anyone asking themselves what is humans purpose, beyond, eating, reproducing, sleeping, living then dying? On and on and on? Century after century, millennium after millennium. Mistake after mistake surely we must be learning. But yet we war against each other, Hate one another, seek to destroy, Fight and kill. How deep is your thought if it can only repeat the same vicious cycles?

We can only wonder if its our imagination, or brain washing that makes us believe there is a loving personal God that deals with human affairs. Such a touchy subject many cringe at the thought of questioning God, but one should ask God a simple question to know that there is truly one there. If you get a clear concise response then you have your answer. If not you have your answer. God if you are there for me personally let there be a rainbow over my house tommorow. No rainbow no God there for you personally. Any question will do. God is omnipotent and would not want his children to feel unloved, or think he does not hear them, or are you afraid of the truth? Just maybe the God you’ve been taught to believe is not the God that created all that exists! Have you ever thought that maybe it was man that created the idea that man can have a relationship with whatever it is that created man? And maybe the creator never intended to have a relationship with man kind? Just as the earth keeps spinning, the sun and moon rises and falls, the seasons change, We wake, sleep and follow patterns that have been set for ions with out any interruptions. The course is travelled from age to age. We age in this life and eventually pass and most not ever meeting a physical deity though every last character in the bible including Paul met, even Jesus after he supposedly died and went to heaven. But no one has met Jesus in the flesh since Have you ever asked your Pastor, or preacher why no one has met Jesus after his ascension, but Paul did? You’ll get answers, many and depending on how many people you ask, none of the answers will be the same. Doesn’t it seem that if the answer was coming from the same source.. God, Holy Ghost etc etc.. It would give the same answer to all of the holy men and women that believe.. So if you can’t get one simple answer about the main character of your faith straight how are you going to get your life straight now or in the after life? This is why they do not want you to ask questions. Have you ever noticed who has all of the blessings? The one who passes the offering plate. The ones who put money in the plate 95% of them will not be able to pay for their own funeral.. Gives a new meaning to let the dead bury the dead. Awaken read Zecharia Stitchen. Sumerian text. David Icke Children of the Matrix, The Biggest Secret, and soon to be published Major McCormick Author of Lies. First I thought after discovering truths of the universes age, and certain animals, and human bones that were found to be beyond six thousand years old. I started researching stories that were being told thousands of years before The so called Jesus was ever supposedly born. The stories were identical, and so were many of all of the other characters in the bible. I first questioned everything when I found myself in church and at one church a preacher told me God said a certain woman was my wife. I travelled to Illinois and a prophet told me that some other woman was my wife he also said God told him this. I came to Ohio and in yet another church another woman was supposed to be my wife. once again by the seventh or eight time I was so confused I thought maybe God said marry all of them. What really did it is meeting a woman that said God told her to tell people that could give a thousand dollars to do so, several months later I happened to be out of state and bumped into this same woman hearing the same exact words from God for a thousand dollars from whoever could give. I thought if she goes to 50 States and hears God say that 50 more times. She’ll be a millionaire in no time. With God all things are possible and that means exactly what it says. After further investigation. I found that 99% of all who say they believe struggle with the same questions but are afraid to ask them, but what I’ve learned to be true is that the truth will set you free.

Major McCormick
DOC #686-167

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