Demetrius Arnold

Live Life on Purpose and Intentionally, by Demetrius Arnold

Never live a day of your life as if its a mistake and doesn’t have a purpose. Always do everything intentionally, be kind intentionally, Love on purpose. Never let your love be a “mistake” and never unintentionally love someone. Make this the day that you show that woman how much you love her on purpose. And let your intentional admiration be shown to whomever it may be. If you have been dreading the day then you should realize just like you went to sleep last night and many others did also, but they didn’t wake up to be intentional, or purposeful…. but you did. Don’t you take for granted what many realize is Grace and Mercy. You have a purpose, you didn’t wake up this day by mistake! Live Purposefully and Intentionally

Demetrius Arnold
DOC #1792636

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