Sean Brown

CHAPTER 3, by Sean Brown

1 split into 2, then had to find each other & Reunite back into One,
That’s the Holy Matrimony of Soulmates, One Destiny under the Sun;
Eventually We found Our Way, though the Path was evermoving,
Dedication & Persistence kept Us going despite the bruises;
Our Journey has taught Me Faith in GOD, My Self, & in Us,
No matter what Life dishes out, We’re all good ‘cuz We got Trust.
Trust that Your Heart means so much to Me that it’s treasured & cherished,
I’m taking care of It this time, so My actions are no longer selfish;
Perish the thought that I’d throw this all away simply to feed lust,
Everything I’m looking for is right there with Your touch;
Fulfilling My needs & My wants, You want what I do just as badly as Me,
Because of You I’m truly seeing what a Family Man can be;
As We proceed to write new Chapters in Our Never-ending Story,
You keep Me going, so please know that You never have, & You can’t ever, bore Me;
What We have is an epic tale written for the ages,
Unified, We can’t fail, so let’s just keep flipping these pages.

DOC #1083630

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