Sean Brown

HERE’S THE THING, by Sean Brown

The thing about Greatness is that it can’t be stopped,
Opposition can strategize & scheme to initiate plots,
Yet it won’t make a difference to the final outcome which is their own destruction,
Because going against Universal Law leads to all systems’ malfunction.
As it is written, “Who JAH Bless, let no man curse.”
What haters don’t understand is that Self-Hate is the hate that comes first,
And if it’s allowed to grow & blossom, then a coward will bloom.
Judgement Day’s every night We close Our eyes & have to face Self one-on-one within the solitude of the Soul’s Room.
See, men can put up a front for others but eventually the mask has to be put back on the shelf,
The worst lie ever told is the one used to deceive self;
Such an impossible task & an exercise in futility,
The propaganda valuing opinions over facts is just pure stupidity.
Forward Progress is a must for the Goal-Orientated,
Vision locked on the Irie Ites, (that’s the Higher Heights for all You uninitiated),
We don’t see obstacles or stumbling blocks, We see Challenges & Stepping Stones;
Problems are merely delayed solutions, this is a Stress-Free Zone!

DOC #1083630

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