My facility is treating us like we are the ones that are giving covid to them ( The facility’s staff) And the staff doesn’t wear there mask at all times like they should still, even after we’ve just had a massive outbreak here in El Dorado, Ks. Now they are charging us Fining us between 5-10$ each time they see inmates not wearing their mask. However, The facility staff is not being fined even though it is them that is bringing it inside the prison and not wearing their mask at all times like they should. I just want to state the injustice.
Stay safe.
Thank you for your time.

DOC #78997

Categories: COVID-19, Nathaniel Bell

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  1. Hahahahha who are you to talk about injustice. Who are you to complain what is far or not 🤔. When you sir MURDER my bother for no reason and now you have some kind of nerve to cry about the injustice please do not make me laugh. If you don’t like how El Dorado correctional is handling the covid situation then you shouldn’t of never committed MURDER sir.


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