Showing Love and Respect to the Genuine Loyal Friends, by Melvin Shaw

there are so many good people out there in the world. you have to search high and low for them if you want a good friendship. I can not make this up i have been fortunate enough to gain a few good friends since I have been in jail. it really tells me alot when a person on the outside world have time for me in there busy day to day schedule. in the. fact they have the same good energy every time i hear from them. its a blessing to have all positive people in my corner. it means so much I appreciate every minute of there time. its only right to do something special for them to let them know I think of them even when I am not on the phone wit them or written them on jpay
i am thankful for them being loyal,honest and trustworthy to me.
too any one out there that has a good friend or significant person that has been in your life when you least aspected or just a person being a true friend please find some time to acknowledge it . text them in say thank you for always being here for me or get them a card or surprise them with a gift or take them out to dinner, kind words from a friend can help shape a person life for better. cause these days we try to deal with so much on our own its gets over whelming. small things in life can be the things that bring best out in people. Do the right thing!!! encourage one another

Melvin Shaw
DOC #a624671

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