Tony Lewis

God…Luck…or a Coincidence, by Tony Lewis

I looked over at Ruga, my right hand man.

” I been thinkin. I think we outta chill, you know, find a church to go to…something.”
Ruga gave me a look as he processed my tone.
He knew, like I knew, what we were doing; And he damn sure was equally aware of the amount of shit that would hit the fan, if our recent ways were somehow exposed.
I dont quite remember what Ruga said, but I do remember it did little to deter me, from heading to a dark and deep pit, of lust and larceny.
Thinking back, I wonder what it was, which caused me to express such a desire to change, especially during the time that it was. But for clarity…allow me to explain

Two Weeks prior

It was Saturday night, and Ruga convinced me The ColorHill Lounge, in Manhattan was the place to be.
Apparently, I wasnt the only person he’d inticed, because on that night, ”our” carpool flowed about seven deep.
Ironically, The Lounge wasnt much on the eyes, but it did have many beauties to ogle on its’ inside. One of em’, I remember, was the sister of a young thug I shared laughs with, and it was as I expressed my admiration to her that I was interrupted, by this cute comrade I’d come with.
My eyes took in her agitation, before my ears registered the melee, brewing in the corner of the club.
” Yo, come over here and get your boy!” she urged. ” He drunk and being hella disrespectful.”
Now, I wasnt the most perfectly formed plum off the tree, but most times, Ruga’s acoholic antics made me look like the puriest angel off the altar.
And during that night, things seemed to be no different. Despite the admonishment I’d given my brother-from-another, before we bounced from the barracks, he’d somehow let his liquor rattle that cage within him; that cage, which kept his intermost demons at bay.

After saving the number to my around the way crush, I made my way around the low-lit establishment, to save a friend… who I had deemed family.

To be continued…

Tony T Lewis
DOC #98308

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