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Something New, by John R. Mcconnell

A blog by Mack…
Here I am back again but truly I feel like I am actually somewhere in life that I have never been before. Im not exactly sure what to call it but as of right now things are actually going just about as well as they can possibly go given my current situation of incarceration. I can honestly say I have everything that I need and even a lot of the things that I want as well. Im as healthy as a horse. I still have back problems, neuropathy from a pinched nerve, and an ingenial hernia that Ive been dealing with for like damn near a year it feels like but I feel generally GOOD!!! I feel like I am 25 still on most days and Ill be 36 the 13th of next month so Id say Im doing great! I have surrounded myself with positivity and cut all of the negative people out of my life which has indirectly made my life a better place! I have someone in my life that I can always count on and knows that they can count on me as well. We are 100% loyal to one another and to me this means the world. Loyalty is Everything to Me and I mean it! Im gonna end this post here for now with a picture so we can document that I really am capable of happiness LOL!

John R. Mcconnell DOC #a731514
po box 120
lebanon, oh 45036

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