“Angel’s all over me”
who will you serve in the after life?
the old saying is you reap what you soul..
you can’t serve the lord Jesus Christ and live the life god intended for us in the after life until you’ve lived that life here on Earth.god gave us the gift of knowledge knowing the Basic Instructions Before leaving Earth. But somewhere inbetween we all were blinded by the over bearing presence of Evil which not only destroyed innocent lives,families and opportunities for the innocent to become the leaders that would probably changed our world for the better but yet Evil has begun to cause destruction to our communities and has effected our ability to connect with one another like we were created to do as children of the Almighty..whatever lifestyle you’re living at this very moment ask yourself with a honest heart is this my best life? the answer can only come from you as a individual nobody else can or has the right to judge you on how you live but you have the power to be your best.

Im no saint but one thing for sure and two things for certain “IM NOT A FOOL”
a life of unhappiness is not a life well lived a life of crime,deceit infidelity betrayal,bitterness hatred within the heart jealousy not the way to live your life nobody is owed anything whatever loses you taken in the past ”CHALK IT UP” and move on count your blessing because there is more to come.

only thing we were promised in this world is DEATH so until that day comes quit dragging your feet wipe your tears away and ”MAKE IT HAPPEN” “it” as in make your relationship with your family your spouse,and with friends better by all means be happy and be driven to do more for yourself once you get your life in order then you’ll begin to see signs of success that you never realized was right in front of you.

I read a passage back in 2010 while sitting in solitary confinment and it change my out look on not only the life around me but the life i lived within myself and That passage has stuck with me 10years later even though im still incarcerated im no longer in solitary confinmet.

Stay Blessed and Beautiful

I shall pass through
this world but once.
any good therefore
that i can do or any
kindness that i can
show to ANY HUMAN
BEING.let me do it now
let me not defer or neglect
the chance for i shall not
pass through this way Again..

DOC #668-291

Categories: religion, Trammel Garrett

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