Christopher Tolliver

Vent on the Prison System, by Christopher Tolliver

Holla my name is Christopher Tolliver & Im in jail & have been goin on 9yrs with a yr to go until im release.It’s just now goin on a yr i’ve been here in this prison i’m in now,& it seems like the closer i get the road get longer & longer,I have know patieces they have ran thin with this system.In so many ways this system it’s failin me miserble!The worst part is they really only failin the socidty b’cuz here soon they about to be release me & if my mind not in the right state it’s goin to be like there release a loose canon!I’ve come to realizin this this pass week when i was release for outta isolation for the 8th time this yr.,that there’s a problem with me.It’s ever time they put me in isolation,then release me back to the population i become more aggressive.So im about to change up the bid,& start keepin my hands to my self & stay outta isolation!Today is 9-19-2020 & i’ve been outta isolation now for 8days.I’ve change my attitude & been baring with people & doin all the thinkin for these folks & not lettin anyone get me outta my hookup.I see im bacally goin to have to properly Reabilitate myself b’cuz this system not!To be continue,

Christopher Tolliver
DOC #665487

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