YOU SAVED ME, by Sean Brown

At My lowest, in the midst of turmoil, pain, & deception,
My steps were shaky & My vision couldn’t comprehend YOUR Direction.
Misery was My confidant & depression My only means,
To cope with being trapped in a self-made cage & no way out to be seen.
That intoxication love was all I needed; well, so I thought.
It turned out that lust kept Me drugged until My Soul was bound & caught,
In the shackles of despair, LORD I struggled & yearned for Air.
YOU pierced the intentions of My Heart & answered a desperate unspoken Prayer.
Incarceration became My whale, – the great fish to prepare Me.
In the dark, cold belly of the beast I’ve learned that I’m Blessed, for YOU are ever near Me.
What greater Gift or Provision could I have envisioned in these bleak times?
Wrapped up in garments of Redemption, I can clearly see the Signs.
Thank YOU for YOUR Unconditional LOVE, & Unmerited Favor.
YOUR Grace is more than sufficient for Me, My LORD, My Guide, My SAVIOR!

DOC #1083630

Categories: poems, religion, Sean Brown

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