Catherine LaFleur

Adventures in Camp Prisoney Land: Queen for a Day, by Catherine LaFleur

It’s an intense game and I am not in the same league as the best players here in Camp Prisoney Land. You have to be quick and brutal. The girls play by a twisted version of tournament rules. You’d better have all the two letter words memorized and there is no referring to the official players dictionary unless a challenge is to be made to an opponents word play.
The game is Scrabble and I’ve never beaten the two who invited me to play today’s game. I’m at least a hundred points behind. I duly withdraw my tiles from the bag, then I spy the impossible. My selection of tiles coalesce into a whopper of a word. A spot is open on the left side of the board and it’s a triple word score. I note that I could get two triple word scores by placing a U and an N at the front of my word. I carefully direct my attention away to the right side of the board attempting to appear as if I’m trying to build on a word already laid down in the lower right corner.
Player two places down tiles on the lower right side triple word score. Filthy. Everyone knows this word so no challenges. Three takes her turn spelling out danger. Her word is in a spot that will help me to make my ten letter wonder word.
I pause a moment, staring at the right side of the board, player three smirks and asks if I’m having a problem. With a beatific smile, I lay down my letters. U. N. R. E. Q. U. I. T. E. D.
There is a moment of silence as two and three take in what I have deposited. Player two’s mouth is open because I stole her spot. I get busy tallying up my score. Three triple word spots for unit, and unrequited, plus (t)old and (q)at. Don’t forget to add my 50 point bonus for using a seven+ letter word.
Elah! Ha. Ha. and ha! I stand and take a victory lap about the table. No one can catch up to me on the board. Yes! The crown is made of grass and only lasts a day but for this day……. I. Am. Queen.

Catherine LaFleur DOC #J14175
Homestead Correctional Institution
19000 S.W. 377th Street, Suite 200
Florida City, Florida 33034

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