VOTING, by Robert Smith Jr.

Everyone is yelling get out and vote. As if our votes really count. No presidential candidate ever represents the people who were never intended to be a part of this country. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are not going to do anything notable for the poor, Blacks or people of color. And that’s why I’m screaming, GET THE RIOTERS AND PROTESTORS INTO POSITIONS OF POWER AND THEN VOTE! So our vote really counts. Until then all we’re doing is picking the lesser of the two evils. On the other hand, the vote really counts for white America because both candidates will have there own best interest regardless of who wins, and that leaves Black, brown and other people of color dangling for remnants. And its going to continue to be like that until we get ourselves into positions of power. So we have choices and options that genuinely represent us, the people. The vast majority of Presidents continue to support or perpetuate the status quo of white supremacy here in America. And that’s why our vote, really don’t count. Until we get the protestors or revolutionary minded people in positions of power to receive our vote they’ll never count. It’ll all be a sham, designed to give the people hope. Remember voting only counts when yu got conscious minded, what would Jesus do type of people in positions of power( when I say Jesus I’m speaking of the revolutionary). Not the descendant of racist white supremacy. See a quick reference of history will help to prove my point, during slavery, the Supreme Court, Congress and the President all passed laws or signed bills to perpetuate the institution of slavery, but they were voted into those positions of power, knowing slavery was wrong. Now look at who holds the majority seats in Congress, the Supreme Court, local governments, etc. My point exactly. So understand that until we get the rioters and protestors into positions of power to get our vote America will never be great for those who weren’t intended to be here. GET INTO POSITIONS OF POWER AND THEN VOTE!

Robert A. Smith
DOC #477-176

Categories: politics, Robert Smith Jr.

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