Heart on the Road, by Trammel Garrett

To have a heart that wears a frown maybe disturbing and frowned upon but only the individual that heart belongs to has the choice to make that heart smile.

this particular heart has been through more physical abuse that only hearts that are alike will understand.

It hardens up when it feels like its been abandoned,it flutters when at times it felt wanted,loved and appreciated.but like so many times before it has been manipulated tredded over,and left stranded with nowhere to go & no way to its desired destination almost like a hitch hiker trying to find its way to a steady and well grounded foundation.

acceptance ,warmth and affirmation is all the heart wants. it wants to be in a place where it is safe ,comforted and wanted.

At this very moment the heart is confused it has been trying to give its all to the one it desires but the heart that it seeks has been forced to over come the same obstacles but now that heart has obviously been damaged in the past and still refuses to be repaired by ones experience her heart has given up on hope and faith that there is a special place for her to rest and to be at peace but like a hitch hiker my heart want wait for much longer for her to see that im standing with my hand out waiting for her to accept it so that we can
hit the road together as one.

Like a hitch hiker bags ready to hit the road alone once more if need be but i want give up hope with or with love i’ll always be happy…
yours tuly:

Trammel D Garrett
DOC #668-291

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