The Revelation of CHRIST within the Heart of Man, by Sean Brown

CHRIST lived HIS life as a sacrifice. HE is a Living Sacrifice. That is the Lesson We have to learn, if We don’t learn anything else: SACRIFICE.
Sacrifice = letting go of that which you hold dear, in order to fulfill the Promise of something Greater. It’s setting aside the momentary for the lasting; expanding your view beyond the snapshot in order to see the Big Picture.
The Revelation of CHRIST is the Realization of Purpose. CHRIST reveals to Man That which is larger than his self. (The Great I AM THAT I AM). It’s the Revelation of Perfect Love, showing Us why GOD Created Us to begin with. Selfless, All-encompassing, Unconditional Love is the Reason HIS Grace is freely given to Us. This Revelation, not the intellectualization or verbalizing, but the REVELATION, it changes Man’s Soul, body, & Spirit!
When CHRIST sits on Your throne, You change, plain & simple. When You change, Your life, Your circumstances, Your results change as well. Revelation =Change. Have We changed???

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  1. Hi! Beautiful post! Christ is concerned w the heart I am learning… and only HE can give our hearts a revelation of Himself. Its life changing. God bless you as you seek to know Him more, to know truth, and to understand the matters of the heart.


  2. Excellent points Sean and as you indicate, it all comes down to trusting Jesus to direct our steps through the leading of God’s Holy Spirit within us. Responding to you is my compliance with the leading of God’s Holy Spirit because I read your post and was just going to “like” it, which I did, but then the Holy Spirit said to me, “Give Sean a word of encouragement”, so here I am. One learns, from experience, to obey these promptings, when they occur. And the sacrifice that we do can just be a little thing. God will honour it when you comply. I’m an old fella, 75 years old, ex Canadian Armed Forces (35 years). I don’t know if you get to have access to a computer but if you do, my Christian Apologetics blog can be found at I’m praying that God’s grace, peace and blessings will be poured out to you and yours today. – Bruce


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