Christopher J. Smith



September 1st 2020, The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution shifted slavery from plantations to slave oppressors from oppressors to prisons to now congressional state capitalist which gave birth to the 1994 crime Bill to mass incarceration, Sham Legal Process is now in full effect, the people in congress will not do anything regarding criminal justice reform for state prisons due to corruptions involving governmental conspiracies committed against defendants that is people of color going through their criminal justice system has became business in Americas political system… these politicians and state govenors view people of color rather innocent as ”stock” in advancement to their own personal gain because they all have a stake in the expansion of mass incarceration… For the past 12 years I have been made kidnapped and human trafficked within these Ohio prisons unlawfully and wrongfully for a crime I did not commit under a crime scene that doesnt exist, and that is a result of law enforcements unlawfull use of Sham Legal Process against me… they thrive on the exploitation of innocent people in our Judicial/Appeals process and we must deal with mass incarceration as a racial caste system… not a system of crime control! My case being the pristine example here proving their injustice against us and movement for criminal justice reform.

DOC #606559

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  1. Don’t know about your personal experience but, what you desribed was described to me in detail by one of the men doing it so even tho you haven’t written it that well, it’s true, what you say is true and has been true for nearly 50 years, and begore that it was probably still true tho I’d only learned about it around 50 years ago…


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